What we do


Outreach Strategists’ practice is to deliver in-depth analysis to help clients evaluate their business and communications needs. Our marketing research strategists can help you target the appropriate audiences, pinpoint the right influencers and determine the most effective strategic plan to meet your goals. We have a team that’s experienced in media and government to help reveal key audience insights and effectively execute outreach campaigns.

Focus Groups

Our customized research delivers insights to drive action. Whether its Online or in person focus groups, our experienced team can conduct groups in Spanish and other languages. Variations on traditional focus groups are also within our expertise


At Outreach Strategists we use research to create communications and marketing plans, test business strategies, pinpoint best prospects for grassroots or direct-contact advocacy campaigns, identify and reach diverse populations.

Sentiment Analysis

Our team contextual mining of text which identifies and extracts subjective information in source material and helping a business to understand the social sentiment of their brand, product or service while monitoring online conversations.

Media & Brand Analysis

Our Outreach Strategists team offers a variety of brand solutions. Our proven approach helps both emerging and established brands transform businesses, create differentiation, engage targeted audiences, change perceptions and drive growth.

About Our Research & Strategy Firm

Outreach Strategists will deliver actionable and in-depth research and strategy for your company to evaluate its business and communications needs. Our highly accomplished research and  strategy consultants in Houston, TX excel at preparing your business to be well received by customers, employees, and the public despite temporary setbacks.

Public Affairs Research and Strategy 

When it comes to your company’s goals, public affairs research and strategy go hand in hand. Outreach Strategies has a plethora of experience in the nuts and bolts of reshaping your desired image. Our marketing research strategists can help you target the appropriate audiences and develop a business plan to reach your designated milestones.

We will help your business: 

  • Locate and utilize powerful influencers in your space
  • Reveal cogent audience insights from our marketing research strategists
  • Execute effective outreach campaigns
  • Provide insightful analysis of current strengths and weaknesses

Empowering Marketing Research Methods

We have a number of effective tools to bolster your company’s image, and ultimately your revenue. Here are some examples:

  1. Focus Groups: Whether it’s online or in person, we can conduct these focus groups in Spanish and other languages.
  2. Polling: We use poll research to create tailored marketing plans and reach your audience.
  3. Sentiment Analysis: We identify the sentiment of your brand through social media and other avenues of feedback.
  4. Media and Brand Analysis: Alters perceptions,creates differentiation, and drives growth of your products and services. 

We look forward to utilizing all our considerable resources to rebuild and enhance your brand identity. As your research and  strategy consultants in Houston, TX, we excel in clarifying and executing a step-by-step process to reach your goals.


Outreach Strategists brings people together to get things done. Contact us to get started.