Public Affairs

Public Engagement


At Outreach Strategists, we understand the importance of connecting with the public, we can help you implement public engagement strategies that improve perception, engagement, and reputation.

We can elevate your standing and help you connect with the community and/or your stakeholders in a new way. As a public outreach firm, we do this in both the public sector and the private sector, and we cater our approach to your needs.

Experience Matters

Our experience is really what sets us apart. At Outreach Strategists we can create, develop, and implement the right community-based actions plan for your cause. 

We will talk through the specific public engagement strategies that will address your needs and your vision. You can trust our experienced, diverse, and highly trained team to give you an edge and redefine the way you connect with the public. Our outreach efforts include: 

  • Planning key strategic public outreach activities
  • Setting up community and town hall meetings
  • Putting public involvement plans into action
  • Setting up and coordinating special events
  • Preparing reports and collateral materials
  • Working as a liaison between you and your stakeholders

Do you want to start working on innovative, new community-based initiatives? Are you interested to see the way this impacts your brand and changes the way you connect with the community? Contact us and we would be happy to start exploring the options you have.