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Today, political ads are firmly entrenched in the digital world.

For years, 30-second television commercials were the gold standard within political advertising. However, in the past decade, digital ads have become pivotal to a campaign’s success as more Americans are shifting their viewing habits from cable to the Web. 

Even as television is getting a smaller share of the advertising market, the most sought-after digital advertising outlets are the new “connected TV” platforms — which include Apple TV, Roku, Hulu, Pandora, and web enabled gaming consoles. 

These platforms allow advertisers to run traditional television ads within traditional TV format while providing advertisers with precise targeting and detailed data on who is watching.

Three-quarters of American households have at least one internet-connected TV.

Major advertisers have already figured this out and are directing more of their advertising to digital. Today, savvy advertisers are leveraging connected TV platforms to reach their ideal audience and serve messaging tailored to their interests.

As traditional pay-TV declines and some of the new streaming platforms decide to drive revenue with ads rather than compete for subscriptions, the relationship between digital and traditional will continue to merge and intertwine.

The advertisers that better understand layered digital marketing, that includes connected TV, social media, and programmatic advertising, will come out on top.

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