Research & Strategy

Focus Groups


At Outreach Strategists we use qualitative research methods as the basis of our focus group research to help uncover the perceptions that drive behavior with reference to specific products, services, branding concepts, ideas, design and more.

In-depth, qualitative results are possible through the targeted use of focus groups. Within just a few short hours, you will have valuable insights into prospective customers’ opinions of a new service or product your company has developed. Our online focus groups can be as broad or as granular as needed to deliver solid results on even complex topics and concepts.

Why Our Focus Group Research Method Is Superior to Most

For each client, our skilled and knowledgeable marketing research strategists do a deep-dive analysis of the company’s targeted audiences, communications needs, and sought-after influencers. Then we recommend strategies using a variety of focus group options to influence future public and private campaign strategies. We also offer our clients opportunities to conduct focus groups in Spanish and other languages as needed.