Communications & Public Relations

Media Relations


Outreach Strategists is a full-service media relations firm.  We have a reputation for combining strategic thinking with powerful execution in support of your company’s PR and branding goals.

Benefits of Media Relations


We are well-equipped with the resources to be your media relations manager. When media relations are handled deftly, it can accentuate the impact of your advertising. We want your message and branding to be crystal clear and disseminated through all appropriate channels.

We have the extensive experience, contacts, and talent pool to be your premier choice for a media relations consulting firm. Together, we will perfect all aspects of your media interactions and amplify your message.


Empower Your Brand with Proven Tools

As your media relations specialists in Houston, TX, we enjoy making you look good. We utilize our media contacts to great effect across print, online, and broadcast media to show your company in the best light possible.