Public Affairs

Government Relations


Bringing together the outward area of public policy and the more internal area of government relations isn’t always simple for organizations. When you have public policy issues that you need to address, hiring an experienced government relations firm is the right decision.

Outreach Strategists is ready to help you develop a strategy that can highlight the public policy topics that you feel need to be prioritized.

Comprehensive Strategy for Public Policy Matters

Your organization needs a comprehensive strategy when showcasing the public affairs cause you’re backing. Outreach Strategists can help you from start to finish because you’re working directly with public policy experts in Texas to develop your platform. Our services include:

  • Public engagement to garner support
  • External communications to raise awareness
  • Internal communications to get everyone on the same page
  • Advocacy and analysis of policies for leverage
  • Government relations to get your cause to the appropriate political figures

    Working with a Texas Government Relations Agency

    Developing a comprehensive strategy to lobby for public policy changes can be complex, at Outreach Strategists our team can help. We tailor projects to fit our clients’ needs. Whether you only need partial support or want us to create and handle a project from start to finish, we’re here to support you.