Communications & Public Relations

Crisis Communications


When your company is facing a significant challenge, the results of that challenge and the optics are of equal importance.
As the premier crisis communications management agency in Texas, we’ll help you bolster and protect your business or organization with a well-executed crisis management strategy. As your crisis communications management agency, Outreach Strategists has the resources to transform problems into opportunities. A strong crisis communications plan will bring your company back to the smoothly running operation that it was and boost morale in your employees.

Shape Positive Outcomes: A Crisis Communications Plan

Every major event (even unfortunate ones) gives a company the chance to exceed expectations. At Outreach Strategists, we’ve stewarded clients through very large storms and created clear and positive public sentiment as a result. 

Here are some examples of sensitive matters we’ve navigated successfully with our clients:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Plant closures
  • Employee layoffs
  • Corporate governance and bankruptcies
  • Environmental issues

Our seasoned team will help you craft a strategy to mitigate downside risk and enhance your reputation. 

Leading in Crisis Management PR 

Spokesperson training is in our wheelhouse of special skills. We will help train the public face of your company to project confidence, leadership, and resilience in a crisis. Our team will work with you to shift the narrative and build public and intercompany support.