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At Outreach Strategists our long-standing success with nonprofit organizations has helped to increase public and private awareness and engage donors by creating strategic plans that effectively target individuals, companies, and foundations. We work with you to gather support for your nonprofit or charitable organization.

Mission-Focused and Business-Minded

Every nonprofit organization has a commitment to their mission; that is why they exist, to create a positive and lasting impact on the community or fulfill a human need, whether local, regional, national or global. As organizations focus on and manage projects and goals related to capital campaigns and fundraising, Outreach Strategists can strengthen those efforts by creating comprehensive, multi-tiered campaigns through a variety of digital and traditional communication methods and fundraising strategies. We also can assist organizations in maximizing resources and utilizing effective methods to complete their project and to achieve financial and organizational goals while creating a positive path for long-term success.

Using business-minded practices as well as innovative approaches to outreach and effectiveness used by successful corporations, Outreach Strategists offers support and development in all aspects of nonprofit business.


Donor Cultivation
Campaign Strategies
Short/Long Term Planning
Tactical Messaging
Social Media Strategies
Database Management


Staff Assessment
Volunteer Engagement
Finance/Budget Optimization
Establishing Policy
Reporting Techniques
Measuring Success / Impact
Identifying Global Institutional Goals


Executive Training
Board Development
Establishing Effective Roles
Establishing Bylaws