Nonprofit Management

Mission Focus / Business-Minded

While we have long-standing successes with many corporate and government organizations and the markets and audiences they serve, we also offer expertise in all aspects of nonprofit management.

Every nonprofit organization has a commitment to their mission; that is why they exist, to create a positive and lasting impact on the community or fulfill a human need, whether local, regional, national or global. As organizations focus on and manage projects and goals related to capital campaigns and fundraising, Outreach Strategists can strengthen those efforts by creating comprehensive, multi-tiered campaigns and fundraising strategies. We also can assist organizations in maximizing resources and implementing tactics and subject matter expertise that can not only establish best practices to achieve financial and organizational goals, but also create a positive path for long-term success.

Using business-minded practices as well as innovative approaches to outreach and effectiveness used by successful corporations, Outreach Strategists offers support and development in all aspects of nonprofit business.



    • Donor Cultivation
    • Campaign Strategies
    • Short/Long Term Planning
    • Tactical Messaging
    • Social Media Strategies
    • Database Management


    • Staff Assessment
    • Volunteer Engagement
    • Finance/Budget Optimization
    • Establishing Policy
    • Reporting Techniques
    • Measuring Success / Impact
    • Identifying Global Institutional Goals

Board Assessment

    • Executive Training
    • Board Development
    • Establishing Effective Roles
    • Establishing Bylaws

Message Effectiveness

    • Identifying Key Audiences/Markets
    • Social Media Assessment/Framework
    • Strategic Marketing and Communications
    • Brand Effectiveness
    • Campaign Development