Creating a positive image in the marketplace is impossible without the right press tactics. We understand the world of journalism and know how to deliver a message with maximum impact.

Outreach Strategists’ communications professionals have decades of experience in politics, mass media and public service. We use this expertise to help clients overcome their biggest communications challenges, from safe-guarding their brand against negative press to developing messages and content based on market demographics.

When a crisis arises, knowing how to effectively address each element is how our team overcomes obstacles when the stakes are highest. Our network of professional media relationships helps us tap into the right audience with the right message at the right time. Through our wide-ranging communications services, we can help you tell your story and make the headlines that boost your bottom-line.Public Affairs

We understand that in an inter-connected world, relationships matter. Tapping into the network of a 12-year veteran of the U.S. Congress, an Emmy award-winning journalist and our team of seasoned public affairs professionals, we cut to the heart of any matter by presenting our clients’ goals and ideas to the people who can make them a reality.

We also have a record of success in establishing and improving the dialogue between governments and agencies and the public they wish to serve. That is why our clients rely on us to help avert crises, mitigate risks and expertly engage the players and stakeholders involved.


Crisis Communications

    • Media Audits &
      Risk Assessments
    • Message Development
    • Stakeholder Assessments
    • Expansion of Coalitions
    • Media Outreach & Messaging
    • Audience Analysis

Media Communications

    • Press Tactics & Strategy
    • Content & Message Development
    • Issue Framing
    • Issue Briefings
    • Media coverage, scanning, and analysis


    • Consistency Audit
    • Role Play & Preparation
    • Public Speaking
    • Coaching
    • Message Refinement
    • Materials & Assistance
    • Custom Training
    • Tips & Techniques

Strategic Communications

    • Digital Advocacy
      & Social Media
    • Traditional Media Relations
    • Messaging
    • Media Training
    • Speech Writing